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    Revolutionize Your
    Data WorkFlows

    Orion is a user-friendly data integration platform that simplifies the process
    of connecting, transforming, and loading data from various sources. With
    real-time processing, powerful transformation capabilities, and comprehensive
    monitoring, Orion empowers businesses to make timely, informed decisions and
    maximize the value of their data.
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    Tired of dealing
    with messy data?

    Orion is here to rescue you! Our powerful platform not only connects, transforms,
    and loads your data seamlessly but also offers a hassle-free data cleaning process.
    Data cleansing is the process of identifying and correcting or removing
    inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant data from a dataset. It involves activities like
    removing duplicate records, correcting formatting errors, validating data against
    predefined rules, and ensuring consistency.
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    Automate Your Data Pipeline
    for Seamless data Insights
    with Orion!

    Orion solves data problems across a variety of industries and types of companies.
    Whether you’re an agency, a small business, or a large corporation, we have a
    solution for you to help you succeed as you grow. A data pipeline is a series of
    processes and stages that enable the flow of data from various sources to a target
    destination, often a data warehouse or data lake.
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Data Formatting & Data Cleaning

Orion's ELT solution, Pipelines, is a cloud based data integration tool that efficiently fetches data from various sources and loads it into a database or data warehouse. With Python-based or drag-and-drop transformations, you can easily cleanse and format the data before loading. This ensures that the data is in the proper format for further analysis, providing access to fresh and integrated data.


Data Deduplication

Orion tackles data deduplication by identifying and removing duplicate records loaded to a database destination. It leverages primary keys defined in the destination tables for this process. In cases where primary keys are not enforceable, Orion ensures that only unique records are uploaded to the destination, overcoming this challenge efficiently.


Flexible Data Replication

Orion empowers you to customize the data ingestion process according to your specific needs. During pipeline creation, you can configure settings to selectively load and replicate the desired data from the source to the destination. These settings can be adjusted even after the pipeline has been created, providing flexibility and control over data replication.


Observability & Monitoring

With Orion's comprehensive set of features, you gain complete visibility into the data replication process. You can monitor its performance, track any issues that may arise, and take prompt actions to resolve them. This enables smooth functioning and ensures the reliability of the data replication process.


Scalability & Recoverability

Orion's platform is built to handle the 4V's of big data: volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. It can seamlessly scale to accommodate a large volume of records and dynamically adjust its capacity based on demand. Additionally, Orion provides robust support for recovery from source issues and retries data ingestion, preventing any data loss and ensuring the continuity of your data operations.


Fully Automated

With Orion, you can save valuable time and effort as it automatically adapts to any changes in the structure or format of the data source. Whether there are modifications to the schema or API, Orion effortlessly adjusts, eliminating the need for manual rewriting of transformation codes. This automation streamlines your data integration workflow and enhances efficiency.


Enhanced Data Usability

Orion's experts curate and organize data through ERDs and schemas, making it highly usable and easy to navigate. This attention to data organization ensures that you can quickly find the relevant information and effectively analyze it, enhancing decision-making and overall data usability.


Saves Critical Time

Orion's pre-built models significantly reduce the time consumed in writing transformation codes. By leveraging these pre-built models, you can accelerate the development and implementation of data transformations, allowing you to focus more on analyzing and deriving insights from the data.


Authentication UI

Orion offers a range of authentication options, including embedded connectors with a user interface or customized authentication experiences. With Orion's expertise in authentication, you can ensure secure access to your data while providing a seamless and user-friendly authentication experience for your users.


Answer Generating Apps

Orion is supported by a dedicated team of hundreds of engineers who are committed to maintaining the stability and reliability of the data integration system. With their expertise and continuous efforts, Orion ensures that your data replication processes run smoothly and efficiently, delivering accurate and reliable results.


Reverse ETL Solutions

Orion's Activate, a powerful no-code reverse ETL solution, enables the seamless loading of data from your data warehouse to various SaaS applications. It establishes bi-directional pipelines, facilitating data access and synchronization across different departments and team members. By enriching data within software applications, Activate empowers data-driven organizations to leverage their data effectively.


Single API Catering Everything

Orion simplifies data integration by offering a single API that enables seamless connection and synchronization with other systems or platforms, such as databases or applications. By setting up real-time updates, you can ensure that your data is always up-to-date, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive efficient workflows across your entire data infrastructure.


Management of Dbt Models

Orion seamlessly integrates with Dbt orchestration, providing a smooth connection and collaboration with Git repositories. This integration empowers data engineers and analysts to utilize version control, collaborative workflows, and automated deployments within the Orion platform. By offering a centralized solution for managing and orchestrating Dbt models alongside their associated code repositories, Orion ensures efficiency and consistency in data workflows.


Dbt Model Setups

Orion grants you the flexibility to configure triggered jobs that automatically perform specific actions or processes when customer data undergoes synchronization. This setup enables the seamless integration of additional operations or workflows in response to data synchronization events. Through automation, Orion optimizes synchronization workflows, empowering you to enhance data-driven operations efficiently.

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Why should we choose Orion?

Experience the power of seamless data integration and data cleaning with Orion! This platform is your ticket to effortless data movement, designed for both tech wizards and non-technical visionaries. Say goodbye to complexity as Orion's no-code magic simplifies data integration like never before, empowering you to focus on the insights that matter most. Orion fearlessly conquers massive data volumes, optimizing resources like a true champion. Its sleek interface and pre-built integrations make setup and management a breeze. Unleash the full potential of your data with Orion's data cleaning feature, Orion's secret weapon for consolidating multiple sources into a unified powerhouse of analysis. Expect prompt assistance, unrivaled control, and a pricing model that keeps things transparent and tailored to your needs. Join Orion for a data revolution that's as stylish as it is powerful!


Streamlined Data Workflow

In Orion, your data teams can significantly reduce data engineering hours and costs, as the platform simplifies the process and eliminates the need for complex manual configurations. This streamlined setup allows your teams to focus more on analysing and deriving insights from the data, optimizing efficiency, and driving value for your business.


Effortless Data Management

Once the pipelines are established, there is no need for cumbersome and outdated cron jobs or ETL scripts,as the system operates seamlessly and automatically without any manual intervention.


Tailor-Made For Your Unique Needs with Zero Latency

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and are designed to handle large volumes of data with no latency.


Accelerated Fault Identification

Our experts prioritize strong fault tolerance and accuracy in order to ensure the integrity of final outcomes.Our pipelines are designed to quickly identify and rectify anomalies without disrupting the normal data analytics workflow.


Prebuilt Data Analytics

Orion's readymade data analytics provides a convenient and efficient solution for businesses to leverage data-driven insights within the platform's ecosystem


Business Analytics

It is the process of using data to understand and improve business performance. It involves collecting and analysing information to uncover valuable insights that can help a company make better decisions and achieve its goals.


Effortless Setup For Smooth Integration

Orion interface to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with minimal setup required. This allows users to quickly and easily set up the platform without the need for coding or technical.


Unlocking the Power of Data:
Strategies for Effective Data-driven Decision Making

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Our team works collaboratively, leveraging diverse skills
and expertise, to tackle challenges, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional results.